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What is the “inurl” Search Operator?

The “inurl” search operator is a powerful feature provided by search engines like Google that allows users to search for specific keywords within the URL of web pages. By using this operator, you can find web pages with URLs that contain a specific term or phrase.

Using “inurl:youtube” to Find YouTube Videos

To search for YouTube videos exclusively, you can combine the “inurl” operator with the term “youtube” like this: “inurl:youtube keyword.” For example, if you are looking for YouTube videos related to Coinbase, you can use the search query “inurl:youtube coinbase”. This will display all YouTube videos that have “coinbase” in their URL.

Why Use the “inurl” Operator for YouTube?

Using the “inurl” operator for YouTube searches can help you find content that is specifically related to your query. This can be useful when looking for videos featuring a particular brand, company, or topic. In the case of the search query “inurl:youtube coinbase,” it will help you find videos that are directly related to Coinbase.

Tips for Refining Your “inurl:youtube” Searches

  • Be specific with your keywords: Including more specific and relevant keywords in your search query can help you find YouTube videos that are more closely aligned with your needs.
  • Experiment with different combinations: You can try different combinations of keywords and search operators to refine your results and find the most relevant videos.
  • Use quotation marks: Placing your search query in quotation marks, like “inurl:youtube coinbase,” will help ensure that the exact phrase is being searched for.


The “inurl” search operator is a great tool for finding YouTube videos featuring specific keywords in their URL. By using the “inurl:youtube” operator along with your desired keywords, you can easily search for and discover videos related to a particular topic, brand, or company, such as Coinbase. Remember to be specific with your keywords and experiment with different combinations for the best results. Happy searching!

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